The Role of People in a Post-Digital Society: Embracing collaboration, openness, and stakeholder capitalism

Antonio Grasso
5 min readMay 2

One company used to dominate the world of pre-digital photography, leading the pack with innovative technology and groundbreaking patents. But despite their early success and industry-leading innovations, they were ultimately overtaken by competitors who saw the full potential of the digital camera market. That company was Kodak, and their story is a cautionary tale of missed opportunities and failing to keep up with the times.

To avoid a similar fate, companies must develop a deep understanding of what’s happening in the world of technology and how it might impact their industry. By doing so, they can create strategies that will help them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Navigating the Post-Digital World: Why Embracing a Broader Mindset and Internal Collective Leadership is Essential for Success

Epochal changes don’t announce themselves with fanfare. Instead, they creep up on us, subtly infiltrating our operations and upending our lives when we least expect it. That’s why it’s crucial to develop a nuanced understanding of the forces driving change — especially in today’s world, where digital technologies are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. As these technologies become more ingrained in our daily lives, they will begin to feel less like innovation and more like the norm.

Instead of attempting to predict the future with absolute certainty, it’s more beneficial to embrace a different mindset, one that’s broad, inclusive, and fueled by lateral thinking. By taking this approach, you can prepare to face a range of challenges and opportunities, rather than trying to predict every detail of what’s to come.

To be sure, many companies will benefit from the guidance of external consultants and advisors to support their internal strategic thinking. However, it’s vital to take the further step of embracing internal collective leadership, i.e., to tap into the knowledge and expertise of your own human resources. In this post-digital world, the human being is central, and your employees are the ones who live and breathe it every day. By tapping into their insights and experience, you can gain a deeper understanding of the changes taking place and develop strategies that reflect this new reality.

Whether they are your employees, customers, or suppliers, it’s crucial to rethink…

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