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Curiosity is an innate instinct in human beings, and it is driven by the desire to increase our expertise and stimulate our knowledge. Similarly, in companies, curiosity is linked to the desire to improve performance by targeting business objectives and creating innovation.

In recent years, the spread of digital technologies enabled new ways to stimulate knowledge and increase awareness, thanks to the astonishing amount of data we generate through interactions with technology. Data, which is then analyzed and transformed into useful information.

Here comes a new narrative based on data: Data Literacy.

I’ve been fascinated by SAS’s commitment to pursuing the democratization of this new paradigm that will accompany us in the years to come.

Indeed, the undisputed leader of analytics has provided free resources to help people build this essential skill. As stated by SAS CEO Jim Goodnight,

“SAS understands the power of data to help us understand our world, to do good and to solve problems. In our connected and data-rich society, the ability to apply and use data in everyday life is essential for everyone, not just data scientists and mathematicians.”

I couldn’t agree more. Progress will increasingly be based on the ability to use data to understand our world and solve problems. Data will help us power the new artificial intelligence algorithms; e.g., it will interpret natural language and support us by improving our digital experience through conversation.

An intriguing example I’ve seen during the SAS Global Forum is an AI-enhanced virtual assistant that offers support to fraud victims through potential resolution or referral to the appropriate bodies.

It is called ViViAN (read more), and it was born from the collaboration of SAS with the ITRC (Identity Theft Resource Center). Building its foundation on the robust SAS Viya platform, ViViAN uses data and artificial intelligence 24/7 for all fraud reports, whether digital or real-life.

My experience at the SAS Global Forum flew further and landed in my favorite field: the Internet of Things for global challenges. That is the ability to exploit the data of connected objects to generate information value. So our actions will go beyond profit by heading towards sustainability.

Data analytics from connected objects make a difference in solving global challenges such as cold chain management for vaccines, improving crop quality and quantity, forecasting energy consumption to reduce costs and abuse, and flood predictions to protect people.

Today, all of this is possible thanks to data and advanced analytics that allow us to correctly interpret information to improve the world we live in. Data and connection put human beings at the center, allowing them to have personalized experiences like attending a sporting event.

AEG Sports — which includes legendary franchises like LA Kings, LA Galaxy, and Ontario Reign — by using SAS Viya, was able to anticipate the needs of its fans while keeping engagement high even during the pandemic (read more). How? By personalizing communications based on perceived personal safety. AEG Sports identified which fans needed targeted retention efforts, for example, and increased the ROI of marketing campaigns. This made their supporters happy.

A world that changes thanks to data. A constant desire to stimulate our knowledge and increase our skills. Here is that important skills, such as Data Literacy, can change our role in society, allowing us to become aware of surrounding phenomena.

I strongly believe the marriage of our curiosity and data literacy can create something fantastic for our future and the future of our planet. And for this, we also need to thank SAS, which, with its massive investments in research and development, creates new analysis models that fascinate our human and entrepreneurial ambitions. A commitment that pushes us beyond our everyday living, creating new stimuli for our business growth and social progress.

Because, after all, we live in an increasingly interconnected and global world. The data produced gradually become the points of contact between us and the events to be interpreted and managed. Understanding data better will allow us to manage events better and better.

You can visit this page to watch the SAS Global Forum 2021 on demand.

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