Process Automation & Workflow Management in Customer Communication


Digital Transformation represents a paradigm shift that is revolutionising almost every field. Companies have to be aware and prepared for these forthcoming changes in order to innovatively manage operations and gain benefits.

If a company wants to keep up with the future, it needs to evolve its value proposition alongside rapidly changing market trends. This is exactly what Ricoh is doing. It has transformed from a traditional “copier company” to powerful organisation with different lines of business, such as Commercial & Industrial Printing Solutions, and IT Solutions.

Ricoh’s main focus is to make customer communication easy and compliant, pursuing this goal through its own developed Ricoh ProcessDirector. As explained by Simon Tapley, Ricoh Europe’s Workflow Solutions Manager, this software has evolved over the years to respond to customers’ changing demands. “The need for information is growing exponentially” he says; providing information in different ways is the key for better customer satisfaction and improved customer experience. That’s why Ricoh ProcessDirector helps in multichannel communications, through end-to-end workflow management and control that enables data re-engineering, as can be seen in the following representation:

Ricoh ProcessDirector
Thanks to Ricoh Europe

In this context process automation plays a key role, which allows increased flexibility and simultaneously reduces costs. Since the business logic is based on strong customisation (start from a template, add contents and deliver the output file) the process automation ensures efficient and cost effective performances. To simplify the concept, Ricoh’s aim is managing not only the container but also the content itself thanks to compliant cognitive operations that improve workflow.

ProcessDirector is enhanced to ensure that customers are in the best operational position. This topic was at the centre of Ricoh Interact Europe 2019, an event organised to show customers what’s new and allow them to share their ideas. The annual collaboration is an opportunity to learn from customers and vice versa, working together to create a supported and successful environment with an eye toward growth for everyone involved.

Click here to download a compliance report and learn how Ricoh Process Director can increase your process automation.

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