AI Readiness Index (AIRI): a framework for assessing AI adoption in your organization

Antonio Grasso
5 min readMay 18, 2022

Fostering a smooth AI adoption in organizations, AI Singapore (AISG) has developed a framework for assessing the readiness level called AI Readiness Index (AIRI). Here is what to look at and how it is structured.

AIRI: an assessment framework for AI

There’s so much hype around Artificial Intelligence and its future developments that it becomes difficult for an executive to frame it. Many of these doubts are related to the polyhedric nature of technology and its claim to simulate cognitive processes. The question arises about our readiness to adopt AI. What should be the technological stage for my company?

It is not easy to decide the best time to adopt AI in the enterprise. If we made it subjective, we would risk getting lost in endless rivulets of considerations related to our own or our partners’ personal experiences — better analyzing it with a scientific approach.

I have been collaborating with the European Commission on the AI for Europe (AI4EU) project for almost two years in the central evaluation committee as an external expert. AI4EU is a project that aims to develop a European Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. By bringing together knowledge, algorithms, tools, and resources, the European Commission aims to become a reference in AI and catch up with China and the United States — known outsiders in the field.

My collaboration aims to evaluate projects submitted by European universities and companies based on my experience. The judgment I make concerns whether or not the projects meet the requirements for inclusion in the shared platform and for receiving funding.

This kind of experience allowed me to learn about the “Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index (AIRI),” an independent framework used to assess a company’s level of readiness to adopt AI.

Developed in Singapore by AI Singapore (AISG), a national program on AI, the framework was supported by the National Research Foundation and hosted by the National University of Singapore.

AIRI: an evaluation model that fits all types of organizations

The goal is to assess a company’s readiness to implement an Artificial Intelligence project. The assessment parameters are based on the success factors noted by AISG’s partnerships with companies of different industries. AIRI will also assess the…



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