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We’ve reached a point of no return: digital technologies are pervasive, ubiquitous, and have penetrated every aspect of our lives.

My regular readers will remember the digital diffusion paradigm I outlined in some of my previous posts. Essentially, the concept is borrowed from…

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Last month, my company’s finance department informed me that my car lease was about to expire. As an Italian, I’m drawn to aesthetics, elegance, comfort, and luxury — qualities that converge in Alfa Romeo’s sports cars, particularly the new Giulia.

To be honest, my instinct…

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Abbiamo raggiunto un punto di non ritorno: le tecnologie digitali, pervasive e onnipresenti, sono penetrate in ogni aspetto della nostra vita. I miei lettori abituali ricorderanno il paradigma di diffusione digitale che ho delineato in alcuni dei miei post precedenti.

Essenzialmente, il…

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