Article in partnership with Siemens. Coauthor Sander Rotmensen, Director of Industrial Wireless Communication Products at Siemens

Nine years ago, I was challenged to come up with an automation plan for a factory that produces plastic containers. The production manager insisted that there would be no need for lights — that it should, in theory, be able to run entirely by machines and robots.

At the time, the entrepreneur’s vision was highly complex, almost impossible, to realize. After all, autonomous production requires multiple coordinated operations, starting from the initial order through to quality control and exiting the warehouse. …

In partnership with SAS.

Curiosity is an innate instinct in human beings, and it is driven by the desire to increase our expertise and stimulate our knowledge. Similarly, in companies, curiosity is linked to the desire to improve performance by targeting business objectives and creating innovation.

In recent years, the spread of digital technologies enabled new ways to stimulate knowledge and increase awareness, thanks to the astonishing amount of data we generate through interactions with technology. Data, which is then analyzed and transformed into useful information.

Here comes a new narrative based on data: Data Literacy.

I’ve been fascinated by…


I want to begin with an unfortunate prediction, with the promise of also sharing a solution. Business leaders who do not harness the power of data will not survive the market competition. While this is a strong statement, it is also one that I am fully convinced by. Allow me to explain.

Just a few years ago, most of us were processing data to learn from the past and predict the future. …


In 1983, I had just finished my study and found myself employed as a developer at an electrical cable and conductor company. Since I was in charge of the entire information system, I had to work alongside my manager to determine the best way to increase productivity and improve the organization.

While touring the warehouse, I surveyed the gigantic skeins of electrical cables that were scattered throughout the shed and loosely sorted by size and product family. Each time a customer placed an order, the workers had to hand-sort and collect the materials. Taking note of their storage processes…


There is a virtual place on earth where you can witness how far the human progress goes; it is the Huawei’s Galileo Exhibition Virtual Tour. A place where your mind starts raising questions.

What do you get when you unite a team of 10k researchers, 700 mathematicians, 800 physicists, and 120 chemists, and give them a few billion dollars to work with? Approximately 3000 patents’ worth of unparalleled technological breakthroughs that make you a leader in your sector. If you’re Huawei, that means dominating the 5G landscape.

You might even go further.

After analyzing how your customers use technology…

Modern digital technologies — the so-called exponential ones — must be understood to make good use, especially in business. We are no longer witnessing technology used as a lever to perform some sequence of operations better or faster; modern technology makes new scenarios visible and enables new business models.

We call them exponential because they can grow that way and, consequently, adoption also creates exponential advantages. But in my opinion, there is also another consideration: put together, they create a more excellent value than their singular use. Something that I have learned to combine with the holistic view.

The combined…

Congresses, conventions, and events organized worldwide are an important opportunity to create the network that fuels every successful business. I have enjoyed participating and receiving recognition in these events that have also left me with professional relationships that still enrich me today.

They are moments in which you share your passions with professionals, different business realities, and from the comparison, something good always comes out. I found myself discussing environmental sustainability, technological innovations, smart cities and listening to those who have already experimented with new approaches in environments that are different from mine. …


Parliamoci chiaro, oggi le imprese che non considerano i dati come elementi vitali e non attribuiscono ad essi il giusto valore strategico non hanno futuro. Sembra forte come affermazione ma io ne sono sempre più convinto e vi spiego il perché.

Fino a pochi anni fa, eravamo abituati ad elaborare i dati per conoscere i fenomeni passati e cercare di prevedere quelli futuri. Preparavamo un report delle vendite, delle fatture da incassare o un’analisi di altri dati alfanumerici. Tutte informazioni che confrontavamo nel tempo e che servivano da supporto alle decisioni da prendere. …


“Non spendere più del necessario e non accettare compromessi in termini di velocità”, ecco questa sembra l’affermazione che più si addice alle aziende moderne, affamate di prestazioni, che hanno compreso l’importanza di gestire bene i dati partendo dal livello più basso: lo storage.

Prima di illustrarti perché credo che il buonsenso alimenti la produttività, il racconto di un’esperienza personale servirà a mostrarti come una corretta organizzazione ottimizza i tempi e accelera le performance.

Appena finiti gli studi ho iniziato a lavorare presso un’azienda distributrice di cavi e conduttori elettrici. …


C’è un luogo virtuale dove puoi testimoniare fino a che punto arriva il progresso umano; è il Galileo Exhibition Virtual Tour di Huawei. Un luogo nel quale la vostra mente inizia a ragionare e realizzare cosa la scienza applicata al business può fare.

Se mettete insieme diecimila ricercatori, 700 matematici, 800 fisici, 120 chimici e li finanziate con svariati miliardi di dollari, otterrete delle impareggiabili scoperte tecnologiche che vi permetteranno di diventare leader del settore nel quale operate. Potrete ottenere qualcosa come più di 3.000 brevetti e conquistare un ruolo dominante nel 5G, ad esempio.

Che dire poi delle…

Antonio Grasso

Digital entrepreneur with a passion for knowledge translation | FRSA | B2B Tech Influencer | Author & Speaker | Startups Mentor | Founder & CEO

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